The least boring accountant you’ve ever met

- Fact (definitely not a fact)

I’m in business for the small business. Accounts and reports are a time consuming but undervalued step to running your company. Entering transactions to your accounting system, managing your taxes and completing payroll are just a of few of the services I can take off your shoulders – so you can focus on what you do best.
From the essentials to bespoke account management, I provide affordable bookkeeping services for a fixed, monthly fee – no surprises. We’ll tailor a service plan together that makes sense for your business.
I take great care to get to know each client personally. Operating as an individual ensures I understand the ins and outs of your business; the aim is to be almost as invested in the success of your company as you are.
Since an apprenticeship in accountancy, I have worked as a trainee client manager and accountant before starting out on my own. My focus now is on improving accounting systems for small and medium enterprises.

Who said accountants have to be boring?

Of course everything needs to be in order, deadlines need to be met and as many tax savings made as possible, but why can’t they be done with someone who will smile, talk to you like a human and really get on board with your goals, be there cheering you on, celebrating your wins and commiserating with you when setbacks occur?

Well here you get all that with a cheeky grin and hopefully with a bit of a laugh.


I will deal with everything to do with your payroll. We will agree who will pay this, how much and when, to

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If you’re a director who needs to submit or a sole trader who needs some basic accounts prepared, I can manage and

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This is where I send a report to HM Revenue and Customs every quarter which discloses the amount of sales tax that

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If you are still working on spreadsheets or old desktop software and would like to take advantage of the benefits of cloud

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This is where I will make sure all sales and purchases are posted and ensure the balance sheet is fully reconciled. I

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In business for the small business. I set up Gareth Lawrence to offer individuals and small companies an efficient accounting system so they can focus on their business; creating one-of-a-kind products and services to help their community thrive.

Have a small business?

And know you need an accountant, but aren't sure exactly what you need? Let me take the stress out of your accounts.

Flexible Structure

Operating individually, I take care to understand your business so I can be almost as invested in your success as you are. Together, we'll tailor a service plan that makes sense for your business, so you can focus on what you do best - running a successful business.
Charlie Rodgers, Co-founder at House Hack

Gareth has been an absolute dream of an accountant. He goes above and beyond to support us with everything finance and has enabled us get to grips with the numbers we need to grow the business. With a genuine and enthusiastic personality, I always look forward to out call and I’d 100% recommend him to…

Tom Jauncey, Director at Nautilus Marketing

I cannot recommend Gareth enough, he has taken the headache of accounts away from us at Nautilus and is managing our full accounts remotely. We have an outsourced accounts team at a fraction of the cost, couldn’t be happier! Snap this guy up while you can.

Ryan McGee

Super high value from Gareth since we on-boarded. Professional just the right edge to support us every step of the way. I feel not just like I know where I am but where I’m going with my business. 100% get involved with Gareth for a smooth, high-quality accountancy experience.

Ryan Hampshire

Very helpful and made the Tax return for my company very easy. Very impressed with the ease of the systems that Gareth used too. Very happy to recommend.

Business For Good

We believe that business has the capacity and the responsibility to make things better in the world, we love working with businesses who have a mission higher than just making as much cash as possible. Making a boatload of cash is great but if you are helping to reduce carbon emissions, reduce plastic waste, empower minorities or helping poor communities it really gives some meaning to the money. We are actively looking for people who make the world a better place, purely because we want to support these people to do as much good in the world as possible.

Our guarantees to you

Transparent pricing - From time to time, mistakes will be made, we are human and mistakes are a fact of life. When mistakes are made, we are fully transparent, own what has happened and more importantly, explain how we are going to fix it. We know that the relationship between a business owner and an accountant is one built on trust so we make sure we do everything possible to make sure that we preserve that trust.

Who we work with?

We work with positive, aspirational entrepreneurs who believe not only in building a great business but are also ethically minded and want to do some good in the world. Our clients believe there is more to life than only work. Our clients are engaged and interesting members of society who have a lust for life and adventure.